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Hydrogen peroxide: Formula: H2O2, Form: pale blue liquid, In explosives: Acetone Peroxide and HMTD. Function: Strong bleaching agent, used as a disinfectant, antiseptic, oxidizer and in rocketry as a propellant. Very effective for removing and preventing algae in ponds & greenhouses, iron & sulphur in wells, unplugging sewer & septic lines. Source:. Available at pharmacies at 3 and 6% solutions. Difficulty to acquire: moderate, regulated and monitored as it is popular among Jihadi groups.
They are selling food grade: http://www.earthclinic.com/Remedies/hydrogen_peroxide_where_to_buy.html http://www.FoodGradeHydrogenPeroxide.co.uk Hexamine (Hexamethylenetetramine): Formula: (CH2)6N4, Form: white crystalline compound, In explosives: HMTD. Function: Useful in the synthesis of other chemical compounds e.g. plastics, rubber additives.Source: survival stores, sport stores Difficulty to acquire: moderate, Esbit tabs (survival gear for starting fires etc.) Diol/Glycol (Propylene Glycol same?): Formula: compound, example: methanediol H2C(OH)2, Form: N/A, In explosives: Nitroglycol. Function: N/A. Source: Propylene glycol (dunno if same) is used in many manufacturing processes. Its even used to make ice cream. It should not be hard to find in any catalog that sells chemicals like a Fisher catalog. They sell to laboratories and industrial manufacturers. Although you would probably have to buy a drum of it.N/A Difficulty to acquire: MODERATE.
Aniline (phenylamine/aminobenzene): Formula: C6H5NH2 Form N/A, In explosives: NLX. Function: Rubber processing chemical, industry use. Source: N/A. Difficulty to acquire: N/A Phenol (carbolic acid): Formula: C6H5OH, Form white crystalline solid, In explosives: Picric Acid. Function: The major uses of phenol involve its conversion to plastics or related materials. Condensation with acetone gives bisphenol-A, a key building block for polycarbonates. + embalming bodies. Source: Chemical suppliers. Difficulty to acquire: moderate Pentaerythritol: Formula: C5H12O4, Form: white solid, In explosives: 5% of total mix in PETN. Function: alternative and replacement to polychlorobiphenyl (PCB), and even silicone-based or fluorinated hydrocarbons, as dielectric fluid in transformers. Source: prescription and regulated substance. Can be ordered online from companies worldwide but they may require permits. Alternatively, the shipment may be stopped in customs. Diff iculty to acquire: hard.
Acetone: Formula: (CH3)2CO, Form: colorless liquid, In explosives: 60% of PETN. Function: solvent for cleaning purposes, familiar household uses of acetone are as the active ingredient in nail polish remover and as paint thinner and sanitary cleaner/nail polish remover base. Source: – from nail polish remover, from paint store, most hardware stores have it. Difficulty to acquire: easy.
Hydrazine: Formula: N2H4, Form: colorless liquid, In explosives: 30% of Astrolite A+G. Function: Several uses in industry. Source: hydrazine sulfate more available than hydrazine. Difficulty to acquire: hard.
Carbon tetrachloride (known as carbon tet in the cleaning industry): Formula: CCl4, Form: colorless liquid, In explosives: CTC-AL. Function: Formerly widely used in fire extinguishers, as a precursor to regrigerants and as a cleaning agent. The production of carbon tetrachloride has steeply declined since the 1980s due to environmental concerns and the decreased demand for CFCs. Source: N/A Difficulty to acquire: hard.
Ammonium perchlorate: Formula: NH4ClO4, Form: white granular, In explosives: Cheddite type 90/10. Function: Not widely used. Source: It is the salt of ammonium and perchlorate. All perchlorates are potentially powerfull oxidizers. AP is produced by reaction between ammonia and perchloric acid. It can be prepared by treatment of ammonium salts with sodium perchlorate. Difficulty to acquire: hard.
Potassium chlorate: Formula: KClO3, Form: white crystalline substance, In explosives: Cheddite type O. Function: Most common chlorate in industrial use. As an oxidizing agent, as a disinfectant, in safety matches, in fireworks, in cultivation. Source: In the old days you could buy it from fireworks store or at any science lab companies. Due to anti terror laws it is now quite regulated. You may need a licence to produce fireworks etc. Difficulty to acquire: hard Acetylene: Formula: C2H2, Form: colorless gas, In explosives: N/A. Function: fuels gas torches etc. Source:. Diff iculty to acquire: you can fill up gas containers/canisters at Welding Supply companies. hard Lead nitrate: Formula: Pb(NO3)2, Form: colorless crystals or white powder, In explosives: Lead azide. Function: Little used, regulated replaced a few decades ago due to the hazardous nature of this toxic material. Source: N/A Difficulty to acquire: hard Sodium azide: Formula: NaN3, Form: colorless salt, In explosives: Lead azide. Function: It’s the gas-forming component in many car airbag systems. Source: N/A Difficulty to acquire: hard Sodium perchlorate, Used in Tetrazene. Suppliers: N/A Difficulty to acquire: hard Triethylamine: Formula: N(CH2CH3)3, Form liquid, In explosives: NLX. Function: Production of quaternary ammonium compounds for textile auxiliaries and quaternary ammonium salts of dyes. Source: Chemical suppliers. Difficulty to acquire: hard Potassium nitrate (same source as AN – fertilizer) Tetryl, too hard to produce TNT: 6900 M/S, very complex to produce.
Sulfurless Black Powder: 1500 M/S, Better for tightly contained fragmentation charges but less effective as a propellant or blasting charge.
Potassium nitrate 8,2 parts OR Sodium nitrate, wood charcoal (powdered), Methyl alchohol (70%+) 10 parts, OR Isopropyl alchohol OR Ethyl alchohol. Alternative method of manufacture: Potassium nitrate: 9,5 parts OR sodium nitrate 10 parts, wood charcoal (powdered), Sulfurless Black Powder (Dry mixed), somewhat less powerful then wet mized but quicker to produce.
Silver Acetylide: extremely high impact/friction sensitivity Nitric Acid 4,5 parts, Silver 1 part, Methyl alchohol (70%+) 25 parts, OR Isopropyl alchohol OR Ethyl alchohol, Acetylene/any canister Semtex: 8000 M/S very hard to make RDX A: 8500 M/S, form: colorless crystals, impact sens: moderate, friction sens: low, water sens: none Material:Nitric acid (90%) 3 parts, Hexamethylenetetramine 1 part, Sodium carbonate 0,05 parts Detonation: blasting cap Difficulty to produce: Hard, Probably suitable as booster.
In bulk: maybe >100 Longterm storage: N/A Keep out of contact with metals as they will react with many. Must be handled very carefully.
Lead Styphnate: 5200 M/S, sensitive to static electricity discharge, fairly weak primary explosive Lead Picrate: N/A+ M/S, form: yellow needles, impact-friction-sensitivity: extremely high, water sense: moderate Material: Picric acid 1 part, Lead monoxide 1 part, Methyl alcohol 8 parts Detonation: blasting cap/booster charge (28g) Difficulty to produce: N/A In bulk: maybe >100 but too weak as primary, needs booster.
Longterm storage: N/A Dithekite: N/A M/S, Material: Nitric acid (90%) 2-3 parts, Nitrobenzene 1-1,2 parts Detonation: blasting cap Difficulty to produce: Easy-moderate In bulk: highly volatile material >100 (for sake of safety, do not mix more than 14g at a time) Longterm storage: should not be stored for more than 24 hours Amatol 50/50: 6400 M/S Material: TNT + AN Blasting Gelatin: 7200 M/S, form: light yellow gelatin, Impact sens: very high, Frict sens: moderately low, water sens: none Material: nitroclycerin 9 parts, nitrocellulose: 1 part Difficulty to produce: Hard What is the most available oxidizer? * Hydrogen peroxide and other inorganic Peroxides * Nitric acid and Nitrates * Chlorite, chlorate, perchlorate, and other analogous halogen compounds * Hypochlorite and other hypohalite compounds such as bleach * Iodine and other halogens * Ozone * Nitrous oxide (N2O) * Silver oxide * Permanganate salts * Hexavalent chromium compounds such as chromic and dichromic acids and chromium trioxide, pyridinium chlorochromate (PCC), and chromate/dichromate compounds * Persulfuric acid * Sulfoxides * Sulfuric acid * Tollens' reagent * 2,2'-Dipyridyldisulfide aka DPS * Osmium tetroxide (OsO4) Great Sources: 1. Revised Black Book – A Guide To Field-Manufactured Explosives – William Wallace Sources for base chemicals – where to buy chemicals? The “base chemicals acquisition phase” requires you to educate yourself about this topic.
This took me some time, primarily because I looked in the wrong places and was thus unable to locate sources. The manufacturers for these base chemicals will usually be found within national or EU borders. I will try to shed some light on how to approach the research of sources and present a few tips; To my surprise; I learned that my own country had at least one forum where the acquisitions of chemicals were discussed. And if my country, of 5 million, has it, then most countries will. The forum you are looking for are pyro(technique) forums for the so called pyro(technique) enthusiasts. These people are usually non-political but they love to blow things up and/or create various light shows. They usually create very specific supplier lists for a majority of chemicals that can be used in an explosives device. Most of them operate in a “gray area” so they act as a perfect source for getting both supplier tips and “shipping tips”. Many of them order online (this works as very few of the compounds are illegal, just regulated) while others take road trips to f example Poland to get materials directly from small factories. These materials are then smuggled without problems to the country of destination. Many of these East-Block factories will sell most chemicals to you as long as you seem like a credible buyer (non-Muslim, non-extremist).
Suppliers are divided into the following three categories (example chems): 1. Apothecaries/drug stores Glyserol [C3H5(OH)3] Hydrogen Peroxide [H2O2], also found in 6 and 7 Potassium Nitrate/saltpetre [KNO3], also in 2 as brand name, 4, 6 and 7 Nitric Acid[HNO3], also in 4, 6, 7 Sulphur/Sulfur [S], also in 6, 7 2. Hard ware stores/paint stores/car utility stores/furniture stores/home utility shops: Acetone Aluminium 3. Hobby air-plane shops etc.: Nitromethane 15-30% mix 4. Farming suppliers/garden stores: Ammonium Nitrate (pure AN or alternatively CAN 27 fertilizer) Potassium Chloride, but also in 7 5. Sport shops/camping shops: Ice pack: pure ammonium nitrate Hexamine [C6H12N4],but also found in 2 and 6 6. Chemical suppliers/pyrotech suppliers (supplies companies usually): Ammonium perchlorate [NH4ClO4] Potassium Chlorate 7. Ebay/other online stores So what you basically have to do is start researching suppliers for your country; Example Google (or national) search terms: “where to buy xxx” etc. Remember; don’t try to browse your way to the best results. Your goal is to locate national pyrotech forums, which in turn will provide you with the information you need.
When ordering AN from your agricultural supplier I recently learned that our national agricultural supplier does indeed have purer forms of AN (34% nitrogen instead of the more common CAN fertilizer with 27%), so called: N34 fertilizer (34-0-0). They don’t market it though and they only sell it in 600 kg bags. You should check with in your respective country whether this is the case or not. If no N34 fertilizer is available, then CAN27 fertilizer will work as well. Before you call your farming supplier and make the actual order you should take the following precautions: · Create a company with an appropriate name (preferably 1-2 years prior to first order) · Join an interest organization for small/medium farmers · Join the organization related to the main agricultural supplier; create a company customer profile and register your organization number · Make the order as soon as possible and up to 6 months prior to delivery. F example; if you want the fertilizer bags delivered in May, order them in November. The agricultural supplier prefers early orders as they book your order into their distribution/delivery schedule. They deliver hundreds of thousands of tons of fertilizer annually so making an early order will not only save you money (as the prices are term based); it will likely ensure that you will avoid the scrutiny reserved to a larger degree for “more unknown customers” who wants “sudden large orders” of nitrogen-only bags.
· Ensure that you can provide a delivery address (where you want the big bags delivered). If you haven’t yet rented a small farm/cottage you can explain to them that you are planning a test production next spring of a crop that requires the specified fertilizers you are ordering.
· Create a credible cover story in case anyone asks why you are buying the fertilizer and how and when you plan to distribute it in your field. Do your due diligence and research basic farming methods and similar knowledge. F example, you should have the theoretical knowledge on how to disperse the fertilizer in your field and when and how to provide the water required, if rain alone isn’t sufficient. You should familiarize yourself with the basic farm equipment and tools which is needed to distribute the fertilizer in your fields in case you are presented with “security questions” from your supplier.
· Consider to buy the actual seeds for the crop you have selected and inexpensive equipment together with the fertilizer purchase. This will strengthen the credibility of the transaction as it will act in your favour in relation to avoiding suspicion.
· Don’t take the chance of only buying 2 bags of CAN27 or N34. Instead, consider making an order for f example: order 1 large bag of non-nitrogen fertilizer (perhaps even two) in addition to ordering 1 x 500 kg bag of CAN27 and 1 x 500 kg bag of N34. This will strengthen the credibility of the transaction as it will act in your favour when it comes to avoiding suspicion.
· Ensure that you have the required tools/facility in order to handle the delivery when receiving the order. If you ordered 3-4 bags (2 AN bags and 1-2 non-nitrogen “dummy bags”) you will need at least 3-4 wooden pallets (without metal nails), a jack that can handle weights up to 700 kg and a dry outhouse/garage with roof and a large enough door measuring at least 5-10m2. When the delivery man arrives you will ask him to place the bags on the pallets you have prepared. You will then use the jack to transport these pallets into your outhouse/barn/garage. When you have placed the 3-4, 500 kg bags inside you must cover the two nitrogen bags with a plastic cover (with straps) and ensure that the content is protected from moisture. Obviously, you don’t need to worry about the 1-2 other dummy bags as you ordered them just for show… :-) I haven’t actually used this method yet, myself, but this is the approach I will select shortly. I guess you will soon find out if I succeed or not. Remember; Confidence separates the winners from the losers, so good luck.
Countering the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist EUSSR counter strike Keep in mind that the EUSSR regimes will adapt to this approach; perhaps as soon as after the first operation (as of 2011). So we risk that in the future; absolutely all farming companies will be likely to undergo extreme scrutiny. If this happens, we must adapt and create a new and modified strategy. This EUSSR counter strike will be countered by the Knights Templar by simply encouraging and advising our Justiciar Knights to actually buy/rent a small farm and successfully run it/harvest and sell the crops for one year, prior to the operation. By choosing this approach we will successfully nullify the expected counter-strategy which the EUSSR regimes will attempt to implement in order to adapt to the initial strategy I presented.
Required grooming/clothing/lifestyle standard for any and all personal contact with suppliers/couriers If you meet a supplier/courier (FedEx/UPS couriers included) wearing a bomber jacket, with a military hair cut, neck/arm tattoos, while standing next to your hillbilly swamp jeep, you can be assured that he will report you to the authorities or refuse to sell/deliver anything. Always ensure that you follow tactical grooming/clothing/lifestyle standards and plan and execute an appropriate clothing/behavioral strategy. Conceal any visible tattoos etc.
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