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Figure 1-7, page 14 Tension and Release in Music - Elements of Music Literacy Todd Decker Section I

Figure 1-7, page 14

Tension and Release in Music

  • Think of watching someone as they are in the process of losing their balance and it looks like they may fall and get hurt in the process. The more it looks like they are going to fall, the more you feel tense; when they regain their balance, that tense feeling you had goes away, and you feel relieved—hence, your tension is released!

    • Youtube or video example here!

Tension and Release in Music

  • Dissonance

    • notes that clash
    • seconds, sevenths, or any augmented or diminished intervals
  • Consonance

    • notes that sound “good” together
    • unisons, thirds, fifths, sixths, and octaves
  • Fourths can go either way depending upon context

  • Harmonic progression

    • Movement from stability to instability and back again

Tension and Release in Music

  • authentic cadence

    • When dominant 7th chord resolves to the tonic
    • cadence – “to fall”
    • “falling” from tension (7th chord) to stability (tonic chord) – I feel so much better now!
  • Think of a good movie, or good novel, etc. You get all revved up because of the tension, and you feel really good when the tension is released and you are no longer on the edge of your seat

  • half cadence – appears as a V (dominant) chord at the end of a phrase

Elements of Music

  • Articulation

  • Duration

  • Dynamics

  • Form

  • Harmony

  • Melody/Line

  • Meter

  • Notation/Terminology

  • Scales

  • Texture

  • Timbre

  • Tonality/Pitch Centricity

Elements of Music in Context: Mazurka, Op.67, No.2 Frédéric Chopin

  • Page 17. Play piece and watch the notes go by while learning/reading about boxed sections

Section II

Section II – Program Music Introduction: Historical Context Rise of the Individual

  • Rejection of “absolute” systems

    • Political orders, religions, royal authority
    • Individual worth—what a concept!
    • Now I gotta go find myself
    • Realize your destiny
    • Each individual must find their path to fulfillment
  • Luke Skywalker; Darth Vader; Destiny; Redemption; Science & Technology vs. Mysticism

The Pendulum Swings

  • Dark ages, enlightenment, science, romance

    • We’re all on a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs, ins and outs, science and mysticism
  • The very advances brought on by science (food production, transportation of goods, waste treatment, disease control, access to clean water, etc.) made more leisure time

    • Time to contemplate, explore, and create

Urbanization, Nature, and Beyond

  • Workers move to cities; large workplaces; individual “cogs” in a large machine driving capitalism

    • Longing for countryside/fascination with nature
    • Picnics; camping trips; city parks; country homes; fresh air; sunshine; peaceful surroundings
    • Nature the real-deal; truth; enlightenment; spirit of life
      • Move away from artifice of society; journey back to nature; reconnect with your “self”
    • Explore the supernatural
      • Mysticism, the macabre, reality-altering substances (i.e., drugs)
      • Ancestral tales, myths, customs

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