'Dig your hands into the earth, and then let the clay and dirt fall to the ground. After a year's passing, can you find that clay again? But drop a stone M2ANTS: M2COOK: M2DOM: Учебный сайт
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'Dig your hands into the earth, and then let the clay and dirt fall to the ground. After a year's passing, can you find that clay again? But drop a stone

THIEF: The Dark Project

"'Dig your hands into the earth, and then let the clay and dirt fall to the ground. After a year's passing, can you find that clay again? But drop a stone block, a beam, a fired brick; it will persist a year, and another hundred years beside.' --The Book of the Hammer"

"'Vines will twine to drink out the life of the manfools, and where the bloods of trees is spilled the Leaf-man rises and topples the towers. His will makes the trees to grow again, his roots and branches thirsting and blood to drinks in the joy of open sky. ' --Unattributed Trickster Scroll"

"'The world is a great scale, which must stay in balance, in the face of forces seeking to skew its arms. A collection of knowledge is a set of weights, to be added to one side of the scale or the other, as necessary. Our task to place the weights, slowly, carefully, over centuries, in order that the balance be preserved.' --Excerpt from the Lectures of the Keeper Loremaster"

"'The essence of balance is detachment. To embrace a cause, to grow fond or
spiteful, is to lose one's balance, after which, no action can be trusted. Our
burden is not for the dependent of spirit.'
-- Mayar, Third Keeper"

“‘The most promising acolyte left us, not out of the lesser folly of sentiment,
but the greater folly of anger. His heart was clouded, and his balance was lost,
but his abilities were unmatched. Even then, we knew to watch him most
-- Keeper Annals”


"Lord Bafford:

A recent delivery of antiquities from Bohn
contains several items which we felt might be of interest to you.
Descriptions follow, but you are welcome to drop by our shop to
examine them, or our other goods, in person.

An ornamental sceptre,
three feet in length. The body of the stave is weirwood, carved in
the star and dot pattern. Six inches of the ferrule, and five inches
of the grip, are bound with burnished copper overlaid by an
ink-and-glaze cracqudare varnish. The crowning feature of this
magnificent piece, however, is the six inch teardrop-cut"

"cloudstone, one of the finest of its type we have seen.

A treasure-box of two feet
by three feet, of silver birchwood. The lid is of inlaid pearline and
onyx, in a maze pattern carved into the wood. The feet are lion-paws,
each clutching a crystal globe. The inside of the box contains two
principal compartments, one with glass shelves, and one without.
Beneath the compartments is a lockable two-inch false bottom for your
most valuable treasures.

Grimworth and de Perrin,
Fine Antiquities and Precious Relics"


"Cedric -
Please speak to Cook about last night's dinner. While,
technically, the menu conformed to my instructions, I
suspect that the lamb was somewhat older than this spring's,
and I am in no way fooled by his practice of warming the
salad to disguise wilting. If Cook is incapable of finding
adequate ingredients, he can be replaced - and if he offers
those same excuses about the Stonemarket shortages, please
remind him that the grocery budget is a good fifty percent
above last year's figures, and even he should be able to procure
adequate victuals at those prices.
- Lord Bafford"


"Milordy Bafford -

Speaksie sel to Ginny, did you bid. Dreckboun, the
Hammer-hearts ha' been afoot, askulk, aferreting about,
grabbing many a one to vanish in the coldstone down
below their forgey-chained cells. Tooks they your dealer
Tarquis in their clutches night past, and two patrons as well,
named of Lisalle and Ryen, skupped up as they left - and these
not the first, cries Ginny."

"Little wonder, then, if Dreckboun grows sparse-come these days.
Of course, the lack o' blame to one hand, but I gave Ginny a
firm understandsey, blood and doom and the whole book, so he'll
be learning himmun all he can about how to turn the Hammers off
him, never you fear.

About your Victoria, nothing yet. Walks she an inch above the
ground, for all the dirt of her footprints have I found.

- Dominic"


A couple things I'd like you to look into.
First, if you could give Ginny a chat and put some Fear of Flattening
into him, I'd much appreciate it. I don't know who he thinks he's
taffing around with, but this Dreckboun thing is too much. Ginny's
been a good cadge for years now, so I'll give him benefit of the
doubt, but not for much longer.
Next, there's a new thiefs-pawn
turned up, operating in the north districts, name of Victoria. She's
made quite a few connections, and I don't want to think she'll be
getting ambitions of moving in. See if you can dig up any leverage
on her - best to have some insurance."

"Finally, there's the business I
spoke to you about before. I know you're a busy man, but Ramirez's
prices are a bit steep for simple matters such as debtors.
Would you consider..."


" 32434
2,342 Cash pits: Sunnyfair
734 Interest payments: Sunnyfair
(461) Ramirez: Sunnyfair
(153) Girls' shopping trip: Sunnyfair
1,491 Cash pits and dealer take: Dreckboun
320 Interest payments: Dreckboun
(272) Ramirez: Dreckboun
2,785 Cash pits, liquor net: Fendon
1,852 Interest payments: Fendon
(696) Ramirez: Fendon
7,942 "
" 4334
2,490 Cash pits: Sunnyfair
801 Interest payments: Sunnyfair
(494) Ramirez: Sunnyfair
982 Cash pits and dealer take: Dreckboun
245 Interest payments: Dreckboun
(184) Ramirez: Dreckboun
(150) Ramirez: debtor assist
2,632 Cash pits, liquor net: Fendon
1,532 Interest payments: Fendon
(625) Ramirez: Fendon
7,230 "
" 41034
2,254 Cash pits: Sunnyfair
743 Interest payments: Sunnyfair
(450) Ramirez: Sunnyfair
(200) Token: Sunnyfair guard
754 Cash pits and dealer take: Dreckboun
180 Interest payments: Dreckboun
(140) Ramirez: Dreckboun
(150) Token: Dreckboun guard
2,368 Cash pits, liquor net: Fendon
1,158 Interest payments: Fendon
(529) Ramirez: Fendon
(200) Token: Fendon guard"


"To all staff

The Sir will be taking his dinner and evening out tonight, so
domestics and manservants have the night free. Housekeep is still
expected to finish the quarters and the general polish. The house
guard is not to find this an opportunity to shirk, and lapses will be
brought up with the Sir.



"Lord Bafford,

I write to you to remind you of your duties to your Baron and your
city. Surely you do not expect that the payment you sent on the first
of the month are the entirety of your taxgelt - or do you think the
Baron is unaware of your gambling houses? Let me remind you of the
example made of Lord Brynveran, and assure you that the penalties for
concealment of income are as harsh today as they were in Brynveran's
time. The main difference, of course, is that today, the inspectors
receive a bounty and are even more enthusiastic in their duties."

Baron waits for the remainder of your taxgelt. I advise that you not
leave him waiting too long.
Julian Friehalt
Commissioner of Taxes "


"Bafford's previous master of guards reportedly spent a lot
of time worrying about the sewers, but the current chief is more lax."


"The guards Lord Bafford hires are slow and not very
competent, but there's at least fifteen of them scattered about
through the mansion."

"'Before death came, the liars were made to feast upon the hands of the thieves,
and the thieves were made to ingest the tongues of their liar brothers, and we
praised the Master Builder for his judgements.'
-- The Hammer Book of Tenets"


"Cell Block 1

1: Wrendal, Jackablade. Flogging, Factory work.
4: Dellin, Ladytaker. Scalding.
7: Sennet, Cutthroat. Razor finger removed. Caning, Factory work
9: Issyt, Cadger. Caning and Sour Mash. Died 'neath Righteous Punishment."


"Cell Block 2

2: Potsol, Vandal. Fingers crushed.
5: Gelland, Thief. Wrist Broken.
8: Nammon, Jackablade. Flogging. Died 'neath Righteous Punishment."


"Cell Block 3

2: Dikket, Heretic. Sour Mash. Released upon Recantation and Informing
3: Latton, Falsetale. Tongue Pierced, Factory Work.
4: Basso, Firelighter. Branding.
7: Deirne, Whore. Shorn and Branded. To be Released
10: Tarquis, Goldlender. Nose cropped, Factory Work."


"Cell Block 4

1: Possum, Ladytaker. Gelding.
4: Misa, Vandal. Whisking, Factory work.
5: Wills, Heretic. Meditation, Factory work.
6: Cutty, Thiefs-pawn. Palms scalded daily.
8: Tybal, Whorekeep. Died of Flux."


"According to Dikket, a "heretic" who was recently let out of Cragscleft, Cutty's being held in cell block four."


"Cutty, I gots me a big one, I does. The Horn of Quintus, Cutty. I
can be paying off some debts with this one, believe you me!

I gots me a map, drawn by some dead old bugger, which shows a way in. I
knows it's down there, in the Bonehoard, just like they always said. They
say what that the dead walk down there, but ah, it's worth the risk now,
ain't it? The way I hears it, the sound of the Horn echoing will lead me right
to the thing.

I'm leaving you a copy of the map, in case anything happens to me down there.
But more's the chance that I'll see you topside, making a toast with the finest
wine to be had. See you then!"


"Word on the street is that the Hammers are eager to
take back the top level of the haunted mines, because there's a
specially-blessed holy water font there."


"Brother Keybond -
I charge thee to organize a search detail for that jackblade, Nammon.
Somehow he hath slipped his bonds whilst Brother Inquistor didst turn
for but a moment. Now he hath scaped with half the contents of the evidence box!
Brother Carpenter hath reported a commotion to the west
whilst he was repairing the stocks - start thou there.

If the wretch be not found soon, doubtless he hath succumbed to the rigors of his
interrogation. In truth, I wouldst rather find him in a search now than
by the reek later. And who knows what may become of his mortal
frame should he reach the haunted mines..."


"When I was cold, Thou taught of hearth and roof-beam.
When I was hungry, Thou taught of pot and cauldron.
When I was beset by foes, Thou taught of spear and shield.

Thy hammer pounds the nail, holds the roof-beam.
Thy hammer strikes the iron, shapes the cauldron.
Thy hammer in my hand, unto my foes."

"'...And the manfools piled rock on rocks and raised a treesie roof, hammers
saws tear the skin of goodsie wood... ...and laughs at the Woodsie Lord. ...And
when learns the Lord of this, He sends His beastesses to the manfools... ...who
attacks and hammers saws their useless fleshes, and build him a house of they
rotting skins.'
-- Unattributed Trickster song"


"I've decided to take the plunge. If my records are correct, there
should be a stash of fire crystals in the lowest oubliette, which was sealed
for centuries but has been since opened up by the burricks. I'll need the
crystals for the torches, if I'm going to get the Mystic's Soul."






"I'm so close! I hears the sound of the Horn, echoing all around.
That coward Sutter, he left me an hour ago, after Cather blundered into a
trap, but you can bet I'll be finding the prize on my own!

It seems that I'm not the first grave-robber to muck about in these halls. The
infamous Adolpho was down here, probably after one of the richer but
heavily warded treasures. It looks like he failed, the poor bugger.

This part of the tombs is filled with traps, and there's no way I'm
plundering some of these crypts, but the Horn's gonna be mine, I know it. If
the rumors are true, the sound of the Horn should be"

"keeping any local Burricks
happy and peaceful-like, with no thoughts of bothering old Felix.

My only trouble now be my dwindling supply of holy water. I thought there would
be a font in this area, but I'm blasted if I can find it. And the dead seem to be getting
restless about something."


"It appears I was wrong about the Mystic's Heart, and I will
die for my mistake. The ancient tablet I found said that the Heart would
be in "a room of statues, whose gaze is death," but though there are
statues here, it's clear to me now that this is not that place. I dare not
go back down -- the burricks prowl below in numbers, angered at my intrustion.
Unless they leave, I will starve in this Godforsaken place."




"Felix doesn't care, but we've definitely found signs that Adolpho
has been here before us. I don't know if he found that fabulous gemstone he
always said was here, but if it's still here, it's worth more than the lousy
Horn of Quintuplets, or whatever the thing is called. If I'm reading the
signs right, Adolpho was convinced something useful was deep down below the
Burrick tunnels."



M4QUINT: "Quintus' tomb completed today. Family complained, but they
will pay our price. An expensive construction, but well planned.
T'was fortunate for him we had space in the northwest corner.
Several novices have complained of the noise, but they have not yet
learned discipline. Ordered more lye. There come groans from the
Thieves Reward, and the unrepentant oft do not lie easy."
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